Fearfully and



There was a time when... "Lion and Lamb" did lie down together in God's Creation.  Genesis 1:30-31 God said, I have given every green plant for food."  And it was so... and indeed it was very good."  The animals would not have killed each other before sin entered the world.

Two months in the womb.

​One month in the womb.

The Womb - God's Knitting Room 

St Croix Creation Center

7 months in the womb.

American Robin

There are many interesting things about Robins.

Did you know they have a sweet tooth?

They love berries, sweet cakes and even pastry dough.

Drunk Robins?!  Yes Robins sometimes flock to fermented berries and injest large quantities. They appear to be drunk and exhibit behavior such as falling over while walking.

Hunting:  They hunt visually but also by hearing.

​Experiments have discovered that it can find worms underground by simply using it's listening skills

Wood Duck hatchling  -painting done by Artist -

Marsie Danielson Machmeier.

St Croix Creation Center - St. Croix Falls, WI

5 months - Twins in the womb.



Three months in the womb.

The human eye  - incredible!

Charles Darwin in 1860 said ‘The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick! He could not figure out how the spectacular feathers would help in "the survival of the fittest" theory and then settled on the idea that the more beautiful,  the more offspring. Which has also been disproven.   The peacock’s spectacular fan-like tail, complete with patterns that look like eyes, has all the hallmarks of having been designed—by a Designer.

​Wood Duck facts :  The wood duck is  one of the most colorful ducks in the world - which makes us want to praise the Almighty Artist who created it. 

Weight : 12 pounds

Life Span : 4 - 8 years

Special Design Feature:  Baby wood ducks leap from their nests to the ground (which can be up to 50 feet above the ground)  right after they are born.  Amazing!

The Human Body -
Fearfully and wonderfully Made!

37.2 trillion cells
200 different types of cells
100 billion skin cells
100 billion neurons in the brain
60,000 thoughts per day
66 million sensory receptors
127 million retinal cells
allows us to distinguish –
10 million different colors
1000 olfactory receptors
allows us to distinguish-
50,000 different smells
6 liters – 1.6 gallons of blood

42 billion blood vessels
30 trillion red blood cells
23,040 breaths per day
115,200 heart beats per day
640 muscles
360 joints
100,000 hair follicles
100 hair strands are lost per day
800 ml of sweat produced per day
206 bones in adults
300 bones in children – some fuse
as the child grows up.